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Introduction on Income Tax

Income tax is a direct tax that a government levies on the income of its citizens. The Income Tax Act, 1961, mandates that the central government collect this tax. The government can change the income slabs and tax rates every year in its Union Budget.

Income does not only mean money earned in the form of salary. It also includes income from house property, profits from business, gains from profession (such as bonus), capital gains income, and 'income from other sources'. The government also often provides certain leeway such that various deductions are made from an individual's income before the tax to be levied is calculated.

What is Income Tax Return (ITR)

Income Tax Returns (ITR) forms are the basis of calculating a person's income tax. It is a statement showing the status of a person, all their sources of revenue, deductions and, lastly, the tax payable or tax refund, if any. With Web Online CA , taxpayers can quickly, easily and securely file their returns, have access to their tax return information also know how to file income tax return, and make sure their taxes are accurate, up-to-date and in compliance with the laws. With ITR Online, you can make sure you're maximizing your deductions and getting the most out of your tax return.

Income Tax E-filing Due Date (ITR Return)

The due date for income tax return filing is an important date for taxpayers to keep in mind. As the deadline for filing taxes for the year approaches, taxpayers should make sure to take note of the due date for income tax e-filing in order to ensure that their taxes are filed on time. The due date for filling income tax return is July 31 every financial year. With the proper planning and preparation, it is possible to successfully file taxes before the deadline.

Documents Required for Income Tax eFiling

Do you want to file your income tax returns but don’t know what documents you need? Filing income tax returns can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Knowing what documents you need to file your income tax returns can help make the process much smoother. Web Online CA will discuss the documents required for income tax eFiling and how to make sure you have everything you need.

1. Aadhar Number

2. PAN Card Number

3. Bank Account details

4. Form 16

5. Form 16A

6. Form 26AS

7. Fixed deposit statements

8. Rent receipts for claiming house rent allowance

9. Bank Passbook

10. Investment details

11. Proof of investment

12. Medical expenses receipts, if any

13. Proof of home loan interest, if any

14. Share transaction statement, if any

15. GST Registration Number Details if any

Type of Income Tax Return Form


ITR 1 form is for resident individuals who have total income upto Rs. 50 lakh. You will have to provide break up of your salary and house property.


ITR 2 form is applicable for individuals and HUFs not having income from profits and gains of business or profession.


ITR 3 Form is for individuals and HUFs having income from profits and gains of business or profession.


ITR 4 Form is for presumptive income from business and profession.


ITR 5 Form is for persons other than individual HUF company i.e. Firms, association of person and body of individuals.


The ITR 6 Form is for companies other than companies claiming exemption under Section 11.


ITR 7 Form for person including companies which are required to furnish return under Section 139(4A) or 139(4B) or 139(4C) or 139(4D) or 139(4E) or 139(4F) of the Income Tax Act.

Tax Planning

Web Online CA have Plan your taxes in 4 simple steps and get custom recommendations tax savings that how to maximize your tax savings with our plan.


Personalized tax planning strategy for higher savings with our Expert


Real-time actionable insights with our support team


Build wealth for future your financial insights planning strategy


Deductions under salary like Standard Deduction, Entertainment allowance and Professional tax.

What is Form 16?

Form 16 is a document issued by an employer to its employee, which serves as a certificate of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on salary. It is also used as a proof of income for filing one's Income Tax Return (ITR). This document typically contains information such as the name of the employer, PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the employee, TDS amount, deductions allowed, and total tax payable. Thus, Form 16 serves as an important document for filing ITR accurately and timely.

Income Tax slab rates

Individuals Person with an annual income of more than Rs. 5 lakhs or 7 lakhs (5 lakhs in old regime and 7 lakhs in new regime) are needed to pay income tax to the government on their earnings for the fiscal year from 1 April to 31 March.

The amount of Income tax you will be asked to pay is determined by your income tax. Currently, the maximum income tax rate is set at 30%, with a surcharge and education cess applied.

The table below Example the taxable income in India. Individuals (and Hindu Undivided Family- HUF) and Business Entities are the Two main income tax slab groups.

- Tax Rate as per old regime for Individuals (below 60 years) and Hindu Undivided Family

S No. Tax Slabs Rates
01 Rs. 2.5 lakhs Nill
02 Rs. 2.5. lakhs - Rs. 5 lakhs 10%
03 Rs. 5 lakhs - Rs. 10 lakhs 20%
04 Rs. 10 lakhs and more 30%

Individuals People 60 years above

S No. Tax Slabs Rates
01 Rs. 3 lakhs Nill
02 Rs. 3 lakhs - Rs. 5 lakhs 10%
03 Rs. 5 lakhs - Rs. 10 lakhs 20%
04 Rs. 10 lakhs and more 30%

Individuals People over 80 years

S No. Tax Slabs Rates
01 Rs. 5 lakhs Nill
02 Rs. 5 lakhs - Rs. 10 lakhs 20%
03 Rs. 10 lakhs and more 30%

Tax slab rates as per new regime

S No. Tax Slabs Rates
01 Up to Rs. 3 lakh Nill
02 Above Rs.3 lakh - Rs.6 lakh 5%
03 Above Rs.6 lakh - Rs.9 lakh 10%
04 Above Rs.9 lakh - Rs.12 lakh 15%
05 Above Rs.12 lakh - Rs.15 lakh 20%
06 Above Rs.15 lakh 30%

• If a person turns 60 or 80 during a fiscal year, their income for the entire year is taxed at the senior or super senior slab, accordingly.

• A surcharge of 10% is levied if an individual's income is more than Rs. 50 Lakhs and a surcharge of 15% is levied if the individual's income is more than Rs 1 crore The educational cess is 2%, and the SHEC (secondary and higher secondary education cess) is 1%.

Advantages of Income Tax Filing Returns

01 In Easy Loan Processing

Are you looking for an easy way to obtain a loan? Are you overwhelmed by the loan processing process? If so, you may want to consider using your income tax return to facilitate the process. With income tax returns, you can easily apply for a loan without having to worry about tedious paperwork or long wait times. Income tax returns with Web Online CA

02. Proof of Income/Proof of Net worth (itr tax File)

Proof of income/net worth is an important document used to show the financial status of an individual or a business. It is usually provided in the form of an Income Tax Return (ITR) file. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the individual's or business's financial situation, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The ITR file can help verify that the individual or business has the financial ability to take on a loan or other financial obligation. By providing proof of income/net worth, lenders and other financial institutions can be assured that the borrower is able to meet their obligations. It’s easy way File your Income tax file with Web Online CA

03 Income tax returns (ITR) avoids penalties

Income tax returns (ITR) are essential for ensuring compliance with tax regulations and avoiding penalties. By filing ITRs on time, taxpayers can avoid costly penalties, allowing them to retain more of their hard-earned money. Additionally, filing ITRs helps to ensure that individuals and businesses accurately report their income, which in turn helps the government to collect revenue. Ultimately, timely filing of ITRs is essential for avoiding penalties and ensuring compliance with the tax laws. So today file your Income tax Returns (ITR) with Web Online CA.

04 Procedure for claiming refund TDS of tax

Claiming a refund of TDS of tax can be done easily and quickly with a few simple steps. Firstly, the individual must obtain a form 16A from the deductor and submit it to the IT department. Secondly, they must fill out the refund form on the IT website, providing all the necessary details. Lastly, they must submit their refund application online and track the status of the application until the refund is approved. With these three steps, an individual can easily obtain a refund of the TDS of tax, quickly and efficiently.

05 Income tax returns Required for VISA Application

Income tax returns are required for visa applications, as they provide important financial information that allows the visa applicant to be evaluated for their financial stability. Furthermore, income tax returns help to prove the applicant's bona fide intent for traveling to the desired country. Thus, conjointly, income tax returns are an important part of the visa application process.


Filing of Income Tax Returns is a legal obligation for all persons whose gross income of the previous year exceeds the maximum amount exempt from Income Tax under the provisions of the IT Act 1961. The Income Tax Department has introduced a convenient method for filing Income Tax Returns. These declarations are filed online using the Internet. Electronic filing of income tax returns through the Internet is known as Online ITR Filing.

Electronic filing offers taxpayers the convenience of time and space. This facility is open 24 hours, and announcements can be made anywhere worldwide. This interface also eliminates/reduces assesses and tax authorities.

Yes, you can upload your Income Tax Return filing after the deadline. However, attending ITR after the deadline will attract a penalty.

To claim excess taxes paid, you must file an income return, regardless of whether your income is taxable. After the return is processed, the refund amount will be directly transferred to the previous account of the assesses, as indicated in the ITR form.

ITR status can be checked on the official website of the Tax Authority of India. You can check the status with PAN and Password. Web Online CA is the best platform to know about Online ITR Filing, and our experts support you in tracking all progress.

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