Terms and Conditions

This Online Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) is a legally binding contract between you and TELSYS WEB INFOTECH PVT. LTD. (known as Web Online CA).

This Agreement regulates your usage of any of the following:

- The Web Online CA Income Tax Return Filing Service
- Web Online CA Tax Planner
- Tax Query Application and Scrutiny Application

Any different associated tax program service or every other service you choose, pay for or hire alongside Web Online CA tax practice products and services or different associated offerings provided by Web Online CA

By indicating your acceptance of this agreement or with the aid of accessing, duplicating, or otherwise employing any aspect of the goods and offerings, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in this settlement. Should you not concur with the stipulations of this settlement, kindly chorus from getting access to, downloading, or the usage of any part of the goods and services.

1. License and Permitted Use

Subject to the conditions and provisions delineated in this Agreement, together with the charge of all relevant charges, Web Online CA can extend to you a restricted, non-one-of-a-kind, character, non-transferable privilege for using and entering the Products and Services to put together and electronically submit ("e-report") your tax return(s) (the "License"). Please be aware that utilizing the Products and Services for e-submitting tax returns, submitting your Form 16 or 16(A), making ready, presenting statistics, and submitting earnings tax returns might also necessitate a further price.

This License lets in entry and utilization of the Products and Services entirely following the terms laid out on this Agreement and in compliance with the category of Products and Services for which you have paid all relevant prices. You are solely permitted to employ the Products and Services via Web Online CA all legal Service provider, to be had at https://webonlineca.com or any endorsed 1/3-Third party website, as particular by using Web Online CA. The terms and situations for the usage of Web Online CA website will be simultaneously applicable for accessing and the usage of the stated internet site, and in cases of conflicting or inconsistent phrases among the two, this Agreement's terms and conditions shall take precedence regarding the challenge mentioned herein.

The Products and Services won't be used for offering tax steering or another offering to third events. It is thought that, earlier than filing your tax returns, you count on whole duty and liability for the complete evaluation of all of your Form(s) 16 or 16(A) or some other statistics impacting your tax situation, ensuring accuracy and completeness. You are also accountable for verifying any outcomes derived from the utilization of the Products and Services.

On the occasion you wish to hire and access the Products and Services on behalf of other events, you shall achieve this with the right authorization to document tax returns for the one's events.

2. Eligibility to Use the Platform :

You are eligible to apply to the platform if:

You are 18 years of age or older. If you're appearing as a guardian on behalf of a minor, you have the important authority to register/sign up at the platform to avail of the services on behalf of the minor and transact on their behalf.

You are of legal age to form a binding settlement, are not a person barred from receiving platform services below relevant laws, and are equipped to go into a binding agreement. The business enterprise reserves the right to refuse access to the platform to new customers if scalability problems arise up. Users who've been suspended or removed by the agency for any motive shall not be entitled to avail of the platform offerings.

You comply with and abide by the Terms of Use, offer files, investor software form, mutual fund account commencing form, investment account beginning form, Risk Disclosure files, and some other statistics supplied via you on and through the platform for availing the platform services.

You also verify that the cash you make investments is from your financial institution account (the number one holder’s financial institution account in case of an Investment Account held collectively), and the equal is earned from valid ways/sources and remitted through authorized banking channels.

3. Geographical Locations:

Please be aware that not all platform services are to be had in all geographical areas. Depending on your area, you may no longer be eligible to avail positive platform offerings provided via the Company or Web Online CA, because the case can be. The Company and/or Web Online CA reserve the absolute right to determine the provision and eligibility for any of the platform services presented on the platform.

4. Restrictions:

You are prohibited from attractive inside the following moves, immediately or indirectly:

Redistributing, selling, renting, loaning, or in any other case transferring the Products and Services or any rights in or to the Products and Services to every other man or woman or entity.

Using the Products and Services in any manner other than its supposed reason or for the advantage of any 0.33 events. This consists of making the Products and Services available on a software carrier provider, outsourcing, or service bureau basis, or any peer-to-peer or document-sharing provider or community. Additionally, you should now not use the Products and Services to perform services for 1/3 parties where the Products and Services enable, facilitate, or shape part of such offerings. If you accomplish that, you settle to indemnify, shield, and keep innocent Web Online CA and its Affiliates in opposition to any losses, liabilities, claims, settlements, charges, or costs, together with affordable lawyers’ costs and enforcement fees, springing up from or related to such use or get right of entry to.

Duplicating the Products and Services through any approach, which includes electronically.

Removing any proprietary aware, labels, or marks on or inside the Products and Services.

Attempting to derive or derive any supply code for the Products and Services.

Disabling or circumventing any right of entry to manipulate or related device, system, or system established for the Products and Services.

You are chargeable for all use of the Products and Services and for compliance with this Agreement. Any breach through you or any person of the Products and Services provided to you shall be your responsibility. Web Online CA reserves all rights no longer expressly granted to you.

5. Intellectual Property Rights:

Web Online CA, its Affiliates, or its licensors, as relevant, are the rightful proprietors of the Products and Services, which might be included beneath Intellectual Property Laws in India, along with trademark and copyright law, and international treaty provisions. The title to the Products and Services and all related intellectual belongings rights is owned and shall be exclusively retained through Web Online CA its Affiliates, and licensors, as applicable.

Your use of the Products and Services does now not confer upon you any possession interest inside the Products and Services or any by-product work or element thereof. This Agreement does not grant you any right, title, or hobby in or to any trademark, service mark, emblem, or trade call of Web Online CA, its Affiliates, or their licensors. You aren't allowed to decompile, disassemble, alter, or opposite engineer the Products and Services, are seeking to derive the source code from any executable item code supplied to you, or alter, translate, or create by-product works based on the Products and Services or any component thereof.

Web Online CA and its Affiliates maintain the distinct copyright for the Products and Services, and Web Online CA reserve all rights related to this ownership. This includes the special proper to create spinoff works of the Products and Services and to duplicate, distribute, license, and sell the Products and Services.

You well known and agree that the Products and Services, any upgrades, corrections, enhancements, or adjustments to the Products and Services (regardless of the entity making these adjustments), and all copyrights, patents, change secrets, logos, and other intellectual assets rights related to any issue of the Products and Services are and shall stay the unique assets of Web Online CA, its Affiliates, or its licensors, as relevant.


Your use of the Products and Services is the problem to Web Online CA privacy word, which you may overview in complete at Privacy Notice. Web Online CA reserves the right to change the Privacy Notice and the guidelines described in it, consistent with applicable regulations. If Web Online CA can make a material change to the Privacy Notice, it will notify you of the usage of one of the following techniques:

Web Online CA will submit an observation on their internet site describing the exchange.

Web Online CA will send you an e-mail notification of the changes.

When you use the Products and Services, you may be required or asked to supply certain facts to put together your tax return ("Tax Information") and different private information. If you operate the automated importing of tax information feature about the Products and Services to import selected Tax Information from financial establishments or economic software, you're responsible for verifying the accuracy of the imported Tax Information.

Web Online CA will gather and transmit your Tax Information to the Income Tax Department in the required electronic layout if you e-document your tax back. Web Online CA will maintain a digital replica of your Tax Information and other amassed personal information, which includes e-filing details and standing, as required or authorized through regulation.

Non-availability of Electronic Filing :

Please be aware that in certain situations, the option to e-file may not be available. By using this service, you agree to this possibility. Web Online CA does now not guarantee the overall performance of the Internet or any 0.33-celebration machine or that the Income Tax Department (ITD) will get hold of, be given, or technique your tax return. Web Online CA sole responsibility is to use reasonable efforts to transmit your tax returns electronically to the ITD if you choose and qualify for e-filing and pay all applicable prices.

Online Assisted Service:

Web Online CA can also provide supplemental tax go-back instruction offerings in connection with your use of Web Online CA Online Assisted Service. Web online will offer tax advice, put together your tax go back, and e-file your tax go back with the ITD as directed by way of you.

Automatic Importing of Tax Information:

The Products and Services may also encompass a capability that lets you electronically import certain Tax Information at once into the Software. Web Online CA does now not assure the availability or accuracy of such computerized uploading.

Accurate Calculations Guarantee:

Subject to certain situations, Web Online CA agrees to reimburse you for the quantity of penalty and hobby paid with the aid you about your FY 2017-18 tax return as much as the most quantity of charges paid to Web Online This is furnished that the penalty and interest were incurred completely as a result of:

A mathematics error was made through the Software.

Incorrect advice supplied to you in connection with the Online Assisted Service.

Qualifications for Reimbursement:

To qualify for reimbursement under this Section, you ought to meet the following situations:

The penalty and interest are for your FY 2017-18 tax go-back.

The penalty or hobby did no longer result from any incorrect access of statistics through you or any 0.33 Third party or statistics incorrectly imported into the Software, your failure to comply with Software instructions, your failure to accurately and clear up mistakes recognized with the aid of the Software, a claim for a wrong or unsupportable deduction, a failure to document income, your failure to offer all necessary statistics to Web Online CA an incorrect interpretation of the regulation by way of you or every other motive outdoor the control of Web Online CA.

You notified Web Online CA as soon as you found out of the error and no later than thirty (30) days after the penalty or hobby was assessed otherwise you obtained a be aware from the ITD regarding your tax return, whichever is earlier. You have to additionally send Web online CA complete documentation of the penalty and interest, along with all correspondence with the ITD, a duplicate of your tax returns as filed with the ITD, proof of price of the penalty and interest, and any other applicable records asked by Web Online CA.

You took any action reasonably asked by way of Web Online CA, such as filing an amended tax go back if vital, to restrict any further penalties and hobby from accruing.

The penalty and interest were for a go-back filed on or before July 31, 2018, or any later filing deadline extension published by the ITD.

You have complied with all terms and situations of this Agreement, which include the license restrictions, and you have not intentionally provided any false information about your account registration or tax goback.

You paid the applicable charges, if any, to Web Online CA for the license of the Software and any relevant Products and Services at the time of filing your tax return.

The penalty or interest isn't always primarily based on wrong advice you obtained from Web online CA that you knew was incorrect at the time you filed your go-back.

Your tax go-back was prepared for the use of the FY 2017-18 tax 12 months model of the Software following this Agreement and the operating commands.

This section defines Web Online CA whole duty and legal responsibility, and it is your sole and specific treatment for any errors on your go back due to the goods and offerings or Web Online ca. Monetary treatments under this phase aren't to be had if you request a reimbursement for any Software according to Section 7 of this Agreement. The rights and benefits supplied on this segment are non-public and won't be assigned or transferred to some other birthday party.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

Except for the express warranties provided in this agreement, Web Online CA can make no different warranties, specific or implied, regarding the Products and Services. To the maximum extent accepted by relevant regulation, implied warranties, inclusive of non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a specific purpose, are excluded from your license and use of the Products and Services.

Web Online CA does not warrant or promise that the Products and Services will become aware of the ideal documents on your wishes or that they're loose from bugs or errors. Web Online CA no longer makes any other guarantees regarding the overall performance, accuracy, or reliability of the Products and Services or their ability to satisfy your necessities. The Products and Services are furnished as widespread equipment to assist you in making ready and submitting your tax returns, and they no longer update your obligation to exercise your unbiased judgment. You are completely responsible for inputting your records efficiently and verifying the outputs from your use of the Products and Services. Web Online CA and its affiliates and franchisees do no longer warrant any unique outcomes you may achieve from using the Products and Services.

You acknowledge that Web Online CA and its respective licensors no longer exercise law and do not offer prison or different expert services to you. You agree that your use of the Products and Services isn't a choice to the recommendation of a criminal or differently equipped expert.

You are renowned that laws vary and trade over the years, and that final files, forms, and letters should be reviewed by way of a legal or other equipped professional earlier than use.

Consent to Electronic Communications:

This consent to digital communications is critical in compliance with the Information Technology Act 2000 and indicates your settlement to receive all Required Disclosures electronically, relating to your use of the Products and Services. "Required Disclosures" check with all notices, disclosures, communications, or different information mandated utilizing regulation concerning your use of the Products and Services.

Scope of Consent:

Your consent for electronic receipt of Required Disclosures relates to all Required Disclosures regarding your use of the Products and Services and your dating with Web online CA


You agree and consent to the electronic shipping of Required Disclosures. Furthermore, you settle that Web Online CA is not obligated to offer you an extra paper (non-digital) copy of the Required Disclosures unless specifically requested, as described above. By deciding on the e-mail/SMS alert service, you grant Web Online CA a non-exceptional, irrevocable proper and permission to send emails, SMS, and indicators as determined by using Web Online CA.


As a merchant, we shall not be held liable for any loss or damage bobbing up immediately or circuitously from the decline of authorization for any transaction due to the Cardholder exceeding the pre-set restriction together agreed upon via us and our acquiring financial institution occasionally.

Refund Policy :

The Refund & Cancellation policy for all payments made toward account opening or any other services or products using any mode of payment is as follows: Second, only with the attachment of these assurances cannot man attain full absorption to those contemplations that envision contentment.

The account opening charges for mutual funds, wealth builder services such as tax planning services (Financial planning on webonlineca.com), or any other will not be refundable and non-reimbursing either after the registration has been done or consumers have used those accounts

Our employees would be assigned to pick up required documents, and forms.

If, on the tenth day from collecting all necessary supporting documents and receiving all due authorizations you have not been accounted for by Team Web Online CA, then you may ask for a complete refund of payment charged by them about activating/opening your account.

On the condition that you have paid account opening charges more than once, please get in touch with support and we will start to conduct the appropriate funds refunding process.v

Note: The whole refund process and procedure are bound to policies by agencies like banks as well as the payment gateways.

Security :

You further agree to use such stock passwords and user ID attached with your access to the Products and Services reasonably secure. These cautionary measures should be, if not greater even than the steps you take to safeguard your computers and software tools or financial records when online. Under no circumstance should these precautions be less than an act of reasonable and prudent care.

In case of unauthorized use, you will immediately notify Web Online CA about your user ID/name, password, or the Products and Services as well as any other breach in security that becomes known to you.

It is your exclusive responsibility to keep the account number, ID/ user name, password, and other secret information confidential. You also acknowledge and accept that the sole responsibility for all computer password security, data, files, network as well as other information about your use of our Products and Services such but not limited only to the active firewall on your computer or through a network connection made available to you anti-virus software plus spyware is yours.


The Company and/or Web Online CA may display content on the platform special articles or write-ups by third parties regarding mutual funds, stocks, etc. You therefore consent to take note that such displayed power is not for being viewed as views or recommendations of the company and/or Web Online CA you should accordingly read thoroughly all documents before investing in any share including stock.

Equally, you might be allowed to publish and comment on such information they shall see as not insensitive as well as not contradictory with any law.

All material added, generated, transmitted, and posted on the Platform by you become your liability. Company and/or Web Online CA have the right to check any information that you give/ data which is uploaded by you through this Portal, if it appears not suitable may remove such discrepant material inappropriate.

Dispute Resolution:

Both the parties agree on a plain that any such dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement – including, claims relating to Products and Services provided pertaining there under shall be only subjected to the legal jurisdiction of courts based in Mumbai, India.


Despite you not being able to bring a claim or action against Web Online CA, should however this agreement be breached by yourself in one stroke and immediately as provided under that clause, your liability for defend hold harmless shall follow swiftly ahead of no charge from him followed only by the procession adjoin to cover costs fees terms charges losses.


Web Online CA will have the right to terminate this Agreement without prejudice to any other rights if you were not meeting its terms and conditions; at this point, all copies of products in services must be destroyed by you, along with an agreement on complying knowingly into a mentioned Section.

Calling, SMS & WhatsApp Policy:

The Apparatus, then may be a God and is far away from the machine neither exemplified biologically.

You agree and accept receiving Required Disclosures via electronic delivery. You also consent that Web Online CA has no obligation to supply (non-electronic copy) of the Required Disclosures unless demanded as explained above. Concerning the choice of call/ emails /SMS/WhatsApp alert service, you agree and grant non-exclusivity to make a call even if these numbers are registered in the National Do Not Call Registry or listed in the Customer Preference Register & send email SMS WhatsApp messages alerts as decided by Web Online CA. You also agree that Web Online CA or its Third Party Service Provider will not be held liable for any such message/call and no complaint shall be filed under TRAI Regulations, 2010 Telecom Commercial.