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Documents Required

  • trademark registration india Incorporation Certificate
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  • Trademark Registration PAN Card

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trademark registration online

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Documents Required for Trademark Registration

  • PAN Card of the Member and Directors of the proposed Company
  • ID Proof (Driving License, Voter ID card or passport)
  • Brand Name (a soft copy of brand name and logo to be registered)
  • Power of Attorney /User Affidavit; (Draft will be provided by us)
  • Certificate of incorporation /registration (other than individual)
  • MSME Certificate in case of Company
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Advantages of
Trademark Registration

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trademark registration fees in india

Exclusive Right

The registration of Trademark gives you the exclusive right to use of the registered trademark and indicate so by using next to your brand name

Trademark Registration

A Legal Protection

In case you doubt that your trademark is being copied by anyone else, you can take up the issue legally and sue them if you have registered your logo, brand name or slogan.

trademark registration online

Differentiates Product

Registering a trademark ensures that competitors will not use it and hence the customers will not get confused.

trademark registration fees

Creation of Asset

Registered trademark is a right created which can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted.

online trademark registration

Global Trademark Registration

For any person willing to expand outside India, the trademark registered in India can provide a good base along with the Established goodwill in the Country.

trademark registration process

Build trust and Goodwill

It helps in creating permanent customers who are loyal and alwals opt for the same brand.

Introduction of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is a vital process to protect the intellectual property rights of a business. By registering a trademark, owners ensure that their brand or logo is recognized and protected from infringement or misuse. Conjunctively, registering a trademark also provides an exclusive right to the owner to use the given mark, which helps to distinguish the product or service in the market. Additionally, trademark registration also allows for legal protection of the mark if another party attempts to use it. For these reasons, it is important for businesses to register their trademarks in order to secure and protect their intellectual property rights.

What Can You Register As a Trademark?

Registration as Name:-

The applicant's name or signature should be included in any application, as it is a key identifier of the individual. The conjunctive adverb 'therefore' can be used to emphasize the importance of including the name or signature in any application, as it serves to verify the identity of the applicant. Therefore, it is essential to include the personal or surname of the applicant, as well as their signature, in all applications.

Registration as World:-

Google is a word that has been trademarked and is not directly descriptive of any character or quality of goods or services. This word has been registered as a trademark to protect its distinctive identity and reputation, thus allowing the company to distinguish its goods and services from those of competitors. The usage of a trademarked word is important to protect the brand and its associated value.

Registration as Number:-

Alphanumeric, letters, numerals, or any combination thereof is widely used for various purposes, such as identifying brands, products, or services. Furthermore, this usage simplifies the process of tracking and managing data, thus making it easier for businesses to monitor their performance. All in all, alphanumeric, letters, or numerals are a convenient and effective way of labeling and tracking products and services.

Registration as Images:-

Symbols, monograms, letters, 3-dimensional shapes, and other images such as the tick in the Nike logo are all used to create powerful visual statements. By combining these elements, a designer can create a memorable, striking design that communicates a powerful message

Registration as Sound:-

Sound marks in audio format, such as the sound in an ad jingle, are becoming increasingly popular. They are a unique way to differentiate a brand from its competitors, allowing for recognition and recall of the product or service.

Sound marks are an effective way to create an emotional connection with potential customers,

Important of Trademark Registration?

Trademark Registration showcases your unique identity

Trademark Registration helps you build trust and loyalty among your customers

Trademark Registration offers legal protection for your brand’s identity

Trademark Registration is an asset in itself

Trademark Registration prevents unauthorized usage of your brand’s identity.

Trademark Registration Classes

Trademark registration classes are a system of classification used to categorize goods and services that are eligible for trademark protection. They are divided into 45 distinct categories, ranging from Class 1 (chemicals) to Class 45 (legal services). Conjunctive adverbially, each class is further subdivided into sub- classes that provide a more precise definition for what may be protected by a trademark. By properly registering a trademark in the appropriate class, businesses can ensure that their intellectual property is protected and that their brand is uniquely identified.

The popular Trademark registration classes in India are:

Class 9: includes computer software and electronics,

Class 25: includes clothing,

Class 35: includes business management and advertising, and

Class 41: includes education and entertainment.

Although the competition for a trademark may be greater when operating within certain trademark classes, it shouldn't be a deterrent, as long as the mark is unique.


The term "well-known trademark" refers to a well-known trademark to a substantial public segment through widespread and continuous use. Using the marks by a third party about other goods or services may indicate a connection between the two.

Individuals/firms who have gained enormous brand value, reputation, and goodwill in India through their trademarks should get their trademarks registered in the list of well-known trademarks to protect them from future infringement and dilutions.

Simply put, someone else can register a trademark without you registering it. This immediately jeopardizes the growth of your business and any product or service you are working on. Protecting a registered trademark protects your brand by giving you the tools to prevent someone from using similar marks or trademarks to piggyback on your business. Please legally register and protect your trademark to ensure your business expansion through Web Online CA.

Yes, it is possible, but there are some disadvantages to be aware of. The most common of these is the use of descriptive language. Words that describe the goods or services you provide are unlikely to be accepted.

Every applicant including corporations will have to give the following documents to get a trademark registered.

Address proof of the person

Company registering for the trademark

A copy of the logo

Certificate of partnership deed

ID proof of the person registering a trademark.

Trademark registration is only valid for ten (10) years, after which it must be renewed. Six (6) months before the trademark expires, the registrar of trademarks will send you a letter reminding you of its expiration.

There are Four types of trademarks:

Arbitrary and Fanciful Trademarks,

Suggestive Trademarks,

Descriptive Trademarks,

Generic Trademark

A common misconception is that having a trademark means you legally own a particular word or phrase and can prevent others from using it. However, you don't have rights to the word or phrase in general, only to how that word or phrase is used with your specific goods or services.

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