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Procedure To Obtain FSSAI Registration Certificate Filled Application

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is a premier government body that underpins standards for the selling, packaging, or storage of food items in India.

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FSSAI License Eligibility

FSSAI (i.e. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is an institution that oversees and controls the food trade in our country. It makes sure that the food products are subjected to multiple quality inspections thereby diminishing the food deterioration as well as the sale of inferior merchandise. It is accountable for the recording as well as licensing of the FBO (Food Business Operators) in India and it advances the standards and principles for operating the food business in India.

Our expert professionals having specialized knowledge in food safety Registration procedure make the procedure flexible to our valuable clients.

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  • Advisory on opening a new eatery and obtaining FSSAI Certificate
  • Compliance assistance for companies post-registration
FSSAI Registration Online

Benefits of FSSAI Food License Registration Online

It is a body responsible for providing registration and licensing of the Food Business Operators (FBO) in India and it lays down the guidelines for running the food business in India.
FSSAI Food License

Customer Satisfaction

Customers prefer purchasing food with a company having FSSAI license which gives them assurance of food safety and hygiene. This provides customers with a valid proof for food security.

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Legal Advantage

Every FBO is legally required to get registration under FSSAI and if avoided you may have to pay the legal penalty for this. The actual cost which is required to pay to get the license is less than

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Business Reputation

The Food license to the factories helps them to make a food reputation in the society by serving good quality food production with proper hygiene and usage of “FSSAI” logo on their product.

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Food Safety

The Act has prescribed certain rules and regulations in order to maintain the food safety. This ensures that customer gets the food products which are not adulterated and proper care has been taken

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Registration

FSSAI Registration (FSSAI License) is a legal requirement for food businesses in India. It is a mandatory process to get a 14-digit registration or license number from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The FSSAI registration ensures that the food businesses comply with the food safety and hygiene standards prescribed by FSSAI. Moreover, it is also essential to obtain a food safety license from FSSAI before commencing the operations of the food business. Furthermore, the license or registration number should be compulsorily used by the food businesses on their food products and in advertising materials for selling food products. Thus, FSSAI registration is an integral part of the food business in India and is necessary for the safety and quality of food products.

Web Online CA provides FSSAI online registration and licenses all over India. We can help you to get a FSSAI License which can enhance the quality of your food if you are interested in the food business visit our website and fill basic details.

What is fssai food license?

FSSAI Registration is a 14 digit registration number which is mandatory for all food-related businesses such as traders, manufacturers, import/export, and dairy farms. This registration number must be printed on all food products in order to obtain a license. It is essential for anyone involved in food processing, manufacturing, packaging, or distributing. Therefore, if you are in any of these fields, it is essential that you get an FSSAI Registration or Food License.

- Expert Advice and FSSAI eligibility consultation with Web Online CA.

- Application Drafting for FSSAI food Registration.

- FSSAI License 14-Digital number.

- All Product Category clarification.

- FSSAI Food Registration Renewal before the expiry.

- Legal documentation on a need basis.

- Basic Registration, State Registration, and Central Registration.

Type of FSSAI Food License

FSSAI Food Basic Registration :-

FSSAI Basic Registration is a process that helps businesses comply with the guidelines laid down by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This registration is mandatory for all food businesses operating in India, including restaurants, caterers, food manufacturers, transporters, and more. The registration process is simple and straightforward, allowing businesses to adhere to the standards set by FSSAI. Moreover, with the help of the online portal, businesses can easily complete the registration process. Consequently, FSSAI Basic Registration is an essential step towards ensuring the safety and quality of food consumed in India.

FSSAI Food State License Registration :-

FSSAI State License Registration is a necessary process for all food business operators in India. It involves filing an application with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) along with required documents and fees. This license is valid for a period of one to five years and is renewable annually. With the FSSAI State License, the business operator can register their name with the food safety department and get access to the online portal of FSSAI with the help of which they can apply for various services and benefits related to the food business. Moreover, it also helps the food business operators to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and hygiene. Consequently, FSSAI State License Registration is a must for all food businesses in India.

FSSAI Food Central License Registration:-

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) provides a Food Central License to food business operators (FBOs) who wish to operate across multiple states in India. This license is mandatory for any FBO who wants to set up a centralized kitchen for their business. The registration process for this license is simple and straightforward - the FBO must fill out the relevant forms and submit the necessary documents, and FSSAI will review and process their application. Additionally, the FBO must pay the required fees to receive the license. Once the license is granted, the FBO can begin operations in multiple states simultaneously, making it an essential requirement for success in the food industry.

Procedure for Online FSSAI Food License

1. Complete a Simple procedure for Food License :-

Visit Our Website Web Online CA and Filling out a simple form is an easy way to obtain a food license. Conveniently, the form can be accessed online, providing the necessary information and documents required to obtain the license.

2. Send Documents for License :-

It is essential to send all required documents for your food license application in order to ensure a successful process.

3. Document Submission For FSSAI License:-

Submitting the necessary documentation for a food license is an important step for businesses to take in order to legally operate. Properly completing the submission process is essential for businesses to receive their license,

4. Issued FSSAI (Food) License:-

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has issued a food license, allowing businesses to operate in the food industry. After done all process govt provides a unique food license number

Advantages of FSSAI Food Registration License

The Best Consumer Awareness:-

Consumer awareness is key to making smart decisions when purchasing goods and services. By understanding the various aspects of a product or service,

Top Legal Advantage:-

FSSAI Food License Registration is done under the regulatory body , and action can be taken for any non- compliance

Build Goodwill, Ensure Food Safety:-

Building goodwill and ensuring food safety are essential for a successful business. To achieve these goals, it is essential to prioritize customer satisfaction

Food Safety and Standards:-

Food Safety and Standards is an important concept that helps ensure the safe and wholesome consumption of food.


FSSAI Food Licensestrategies are legal responsibilities for anyone in India’s food business.

FSSAI regulatory framework for setting food safety standards.

Formulate an FSSAI regulatory framework for the accreditation of laboratories for food testing.

Provide support and technical advice to the Central Government on food safety issues based on the latest FSSAI findings.

Development of international food standards.

Collect all India-level data on food consumption to promote food security as per FSSAI.

Increased awareness of food safety in India.

Yes, all Food Businesses or FBOs are required to register FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration under FSSAI Act 2006.

Establishment of science-based food standards

To legalize the manufacture, distribution,storage, sale, and import of food

To promote food security.

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