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What is Business Registration Number / Sanstha Aadhar Number Registration?

In Rajasthan, a Business Registration Number (BRN) is also known as Sanstha Aadhaar Number (SAN). The SAN is a 16-digit number that gives an institution a unique identity. Rajasthan government has created a unique way to encourage small and big businesses by giving them BRN/SAN registration numbers. BRN and SAN registrations play an important role in promoting investor confidence, enabling access to financial services and facilitating partnerships between the public and private sectors. BRN and SAN registration reflects the commitment of the Government of Rajasthan to promote sustainable development, innovation and social progress in various sectors of the economy.

How to Apply for Business Registration Number / Sanstha Aadhar Number Registration?

Applying for a Business Registration Number (BRN) or a Sanstha Aadhar Number (SAN) registration in Rajasthan involves several steps.

You can visit the official webiste of Sanstha Aadhaar to register for a Business Registration Number (BRN) in Rajasthan. The Government of Rajasthan calls the former Rajasthan Business Register as Sanstha Aadhaar.

Here is an instruction on how to apply for BRN/SAN registration:

  • Visit the official Sanstha Aadhaar website.
  • Click the Registration tab.
  • Click Apply for the type of business you want to register (e.g., firm, NGO, government, or autonomous/semi-government).
  • Read the all instructions and check the box at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Proceed to begin the registration.

You can also apply for Registration Number (BRN) / Sanstha Aadhar Number (SAN) Registration on Web Online CA.

Required documents for Business Registration Number / Sanstha Aadhar Number Registration:

Here are some important documents for Business Registration Number (BRN) / Sanstha Aadhar Number (SAN) Registration.

Applicant's passport size photo.
Address proof.
Voter ID.
Photocopy of Aadhar card.
Photocopy of Pan card.
Electricity bill.
Bank statement of the enterprise.

Benefits of Business Registration Number / Sanstha Aadhar Number Registration:

Registering for a Business Registration Number (BRN) or Sanstha Aadhaar Number (SAN) in Rajasthan offers many benefits to businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Here are the list of some important benefits:

Legal Recognition: Obtaining a BRN or SAN provides legal recognition to your business or non-profit organization, establishing its validity in the eyes of the law and enabling it to operate within the regulatory framework.

Taxation Benefits: BRN and SAN registration is often a prerequisite for obtaining a tax identification number such as the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) or the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Increase Reliability: Having a BRN or SAN increases the reliability and credibility of your business or organization in the eyes of customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.

Provides banking and finance facilities: Banks and financial institutions may require BRN or SAN registration documents when opening business accounts, applying for loans, or seeking other financial services.

Government Contracts and Tenders: Registered entities are often given preference when bidding for government contracts and tenders. BRN or SAN registration increases eligibility to participate in government procurement opportunities, expanding business or organizational prospects.

Regulatory Compliance: BRN and SAN registration ensures compliance with government regulations and requirements, reducing the risk of legal penalties or fines for operating without proper authorisation.